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Stage Size
5,000 sq. ft.
8,100 (A) and 3,000 (B) sq. ft.
5,100 sq. ft.
1,200 sq. ft.
3 wall cyc
2x separate 2 wall cycs
4-sided painted white brick
3 wall cyc
Wall Dimensions
70' (left) x 64' (back) x 35' (right)
52' x 62' (A) and 20' x 50' (B)
92' long, 50' width, 12' to beams
24' deep x 35' wide x 18' tall
Full 20' to grid
Full 25' to grid (A) and 12' to beams / no grid (B)
18' to grid over cyc area
Parking (including Remote and Street)
52 plus truck lot plus remote and street parking available
30 plus remote and street parking available
30 plus remote and street parking available
45 plus remote

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There are not enough words to describe our experience at Stage THIS. We are making this new TV show entitled, ‘Cherish the Day’ – a collaboration between Warner Bros and Ava DuVernay (Selma, When They See Us). We needed a sound stage because we were already filming in Frogtown and happened to stumble upon the studio.Everything we needed they provided, from green rooms, green screens, all the parking we needed for trucks and equipment, and an AC’d catering area. Filming in Los Angeles is a very challenging experience and in most cases it feels like we are in the way and not really invited. Stage THIS was a breath of fresh air. The staff is super positive and super proactive to say the least. We can not wait for another chance to visit with them again.

— Leif Tilden, “Cherish the Day” Location Manager
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